BMW Self-Parking Car Makes CES Debut

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For many people, automatic parking systems seem to be a thing of the future. Only a few—usually luxury brand— cars in the industry are available with the type of technology that allows a vehicle to parallel park itself, so the ability for a driver to leave all forms of parking entirely up to a vehicle is almost inconceivable—unless you’re BMW.

The German carmaker is planning on showing just how close the car industry is to having self-parking cars at next month’s 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. BMW is taking the driver completely out of the parking equation, replacing the human mind with an advanced collision avoidance system that allows a car to park itself in a parking garage. This BMW self-parking car uses a smartwatch-activated system called the Remote Valet Parking Assistant and navigates around obstacles. The person doesn’t even have to be in the driver seat to park!

While we are a bit closer than we thought to self-parking cars, we probably see the actual technology out on the road for another few years. What are your thoughts on the BMW self-parking car? Share your thoughts with Perillo BMW below!

BMw self-driving car

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