BMW i9 Design Concept Hints at BMW’s Future

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BMW i9 Design ConceptSince the BMW i8 was released, rumors have been flying around the car industry about a high-powered BMW supercar, worthy of the spot above the sporty i8. While BMW has yet to confirm that this supercar will actually come to be, one 3D design artist named Carlos Aliaga Pastor has taken the German carmaker’s future into his own hands, creating what he believes the next-generation BMW car will look like.

Pastor created the BMW i9 design concept by pulling inspiration from nature, mainly from almonds and hammerhead sharks. The car’s roofline combines with a streamline, aggressive body to create a silhouette that wouldn’t be out of place in Batman’s garage. The front fascia features a low-slung diffuser and fender flares, while the rear has a minimalistic design, adding to the car’s futuristic feel.

While the design concept isn’t from BMW, it’s easy to imagine this svelte car in the Perillo BMW showroom. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us below!

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