BMW Home Charging Services Make Brand’s EVs More Practical

The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) happened last week—and it did not disappoint, especially not from an automotive fan’s perspective. BMW made quite a splash, too, as the brand introduced a BMW home charging services program at the show. The program, highlighted by the BMW i Wallbox Pro system, makes the brand’s EVs that much more practical.

The BMW Home Charging Services system is just the latest piece of the 360 degree ELECTRIC portfolio from BMW. “With Home Charging Services, BMW is the first vehicle manufacturer to offer such a broad-based EV smart charging product,” says BMW Project Manager Julian Lienich. “Our aim is to make mobility as cheap as possible for users and to allow them to maximise their use of green power – but without having to organise everything themselves.”

The system works by making use of home-generated solar power—so if you don’t have a way to generate solar power and you want to make use of this great new BMW invention, you’ll need to get on that. For now, though, you can at least come see us at Perillo BMW to check out the current BMW EV offerings for yourself.

BMW Home Charging Services

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