BMW Upgrades Navigation with Real Time Traffic Updates

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BMW recently announced new upgrades to its Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) system designed for BMW vehicles fitted with the Professional Navigation System.

Real Time Traffic Updates In the previous navigation system, drivers relied on radio-based traffic information channels for news on any slow downs, accidents or other on-road disruptions. Obtaining information in this manner is not always the most efficient in helping to avoid trouble spots while driving.

The upgraded system from BMW uses considerably greater sources of data to ensure real time updates. It combines Transport Protocol Expert Group (TPEG) with the GSM cellular network. This allows the integration of the traffic data with the SIM card that is built into the BMW car. The result is traffic information transmitted in real time for improved accuracy.

The traffic information is presented on a navigation map using a color-coded system to indicate how well traffic is moving. They system provides elevated accuracy because road networks can be divided into distances as short as 0.3 miles and the information is automatically updated every 3 minutes.

The upgraded system is currently only available in Europe, but versions of the system will be launched soon in the United States. 

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