BMW Top in Luxury Car Sales

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BMW Group topped the sales charts for 2014, proving it can hold the luxury car market without marketing middle and low-priced vehicles. BMW outsold its top two competitors, Audi and Mercedes-Benz, reaching a grand total of two million vehicles sold worldwide.

The highest end of the market, luxury car sales have less manufacturers in the running. If its rivals want to catch up, they need to grow rapidly to outpace BMW. Annual sales were up 7.9%. In December, sales kept pace, up 15.2% from 2013. MINI and Rolls-Royce, also owned by BMW Group, saw positive sales as well.

The German manufacturer will attempt to hold its lead in 2015 after a close run with Mercedes-Benz in 2014. The 3-series was the BMW’s best seller, with over 475,000 units sold. In the United States, the brand’s second largest market, nearly 340,000 vehicles were sold. China, the largest market, bought over 655,000 of the luxury cars. As the luxury car manufacturers all push into autonomous driving, crossover models, and electric vehicles, 2015 will be a tight race.

Luxury Car Sales

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