Perillo BMW’s Alan Sahagian Named Top BMW i3 Salesman in the Region

Top i3 SalesmanThe all-electric BMW i3 is still a new car on the block, but it’s already gaining a devoted following. Thanks to the efforts of hard-working salesmen like Perillo BMW’s own Alan Sahagian, drivers across the country are discovering why BMW’s game-changing electric vehicle is so popular.

BMW recently announced that Alan Sahagain was the top i3 salesman in the Central Region for 2014, and we are proud he’s part of the Perillo family. He’s been fascinated by cars for as long as he can remember, so bringing his car-lover’s enthusiasm to his vocation has given him a unique perspective which clearly appeals to his customers.

Alan has remained a consistent supporter of BMW since he began selling the brand in 1989. “The BMW badge represents something very good: the promise of excellent engineering details, the most up to date technologies, the highest levels of vehicle safety, and of course the very best automotive quality,” he explained.

It’s no surprise the BMW i3 has quickly become one of Alan’s favorite models, due to its recyclable carbon fiber body, alternative energy production facilities, and signature BMW performance. “From my experience, a genuinely all-new car comes along only once in a generation. The i3 represents a quantum leap in automotive engineering. So much more than an electric car, it re-thinks the automobile as we know it.”

Alan acknowledged his success isn’t just a testament to his efforts but to the entire dealership’s. “It’s not just the cool cars that give me pride in my work. It’s the entrepreneurial encouragement here at Perillo BMW that promotes developing long-lasting, meaningful customer relations. Making a good friend is much more satisfying than just selling a car.”

“I’ve always been proud of Alan, but with being the top i3 salesman around, I’ve elevated him to an even higher level—somewhere in the stratosphere!” declared Joe Perillo, owner of Perillo BMW, after hearing the exciting news. “Thank you, Alan, for your passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm for the product and our company. You’re simply the best.”

Swing by Perillo BMW to congratulate Alan when you have a chance, and while you’re here, have him show you the new BMW i3—you’re guaranteed to love it as much as he does!

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