Dealerships Prepare to Meet the New BMW Dealership Standard

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The dealership is an important part of the sales process for BMW. From presentation and design to the people that greet you at the door, everything says a lot about the brand. Now, with car technology advancing at a faster pace than the world can hardly keep up with, BMW wants its dealerships to accurately reflect the cool modernity of the cars inside.

A new BMW dealership standard has been announced, and we can only imagine that this will mean more state-of-the-art technology and improved modern design elements. Dealerships often get nervous when these kind of mandatory changes are announced. How long will it take? How much will it cost? How much inconvenience will it cause?

Currently, BMW is holding regional meetings to alleviate that stress and answer these kinds of questions.

“Anytime the manufacturer brings out a program that involves bricks and mortar and processes and changes, everybody gets antsy with, ‘What will it cost me, and what will it entail?'” said Steve Late, president of a BMW dealership in Texas, told “It never fails: Once you have that meeting and that one-on-one and get your questions answered is when the dealers get calm,” he continued.

The Future Retail 2016 facilities program will require that the oldest stores will be revamped first, followed by newer stores. Keep your eye on Perillo BMW for some exciting updates headed our way!

BMW Dealership Standard



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