BMW 3 Series Might Offer Diesel in Future

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BMW 3 Series BMW has been contemplating bringing U.S. drivers the first diesel vehicle to enter the 3 series.  BMW’s head of sales and marketing, Ian Robertson spoke to Inside Line about BMW’s diesel consideration and how negative feelings about diesel cars are diminishing.

“The X5 diesel is doing well in the U.S,” Robertson said.  “From month-to-month it accounts for a third or half of sales.  It is still an issue of getting bums on seats.  U.S. buyers are still astonished by how good a modern diesel is.”

Even though diesel popularity is rising, BMW still doesn’t think they would sell more than a thousand 3 Series diesel vehicles in one year in the U.S.  Robertson believes that sport-activity vehicles are still very popular in the U.S. and that BMW would have to do some drastic reworking of the vehicles to make the diesel vehicles a bit hit.  So even though the diesel debut is slow going, things may change in the future.  American drivers may see BMW 3 Series diesel vehicles in dealerships after all.

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