Is BMW Bringing the Luxury 8 Series Back to Life?

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Could it be? Maybe so! BMW has recently unveiled a concept for a brand-new luxury coupe that may hint at the revival of the iconic 8 series. BMW’s new Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe was unveiled at this year’s Villa d’Este … Continued

BMW Pioneers Solar-Powered Charging Ports

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Harsh competition in the automotive industry to produce the most efficient vehicles possible has BMW changing its focus.  The German automaker that made its reputation on performance, both on and off the track, is now revolutionizing the way drivers can … Continued

BMW’s New Electronaut Effect gives Insight into New ActiveE Technology

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Often times, we like to get a consumer’s opinion before buying a car.  BMW is taking advantage of this philosophy with their new Electronaut Effect website. This is a website created to give consumers access to information about their BMW … Continued