Team USA’s Prototype Bobsled for 2014 Winter Olympics Revealed by BMW Engineer Group

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In our last post about BMW’s involvement in designing 2014 Winter Olympics gear, it had recently been revealed that BMW would have an impact on the Team USA’s bobsled. BMW North America announced it was developing a two-man bobsled for … Continued

Winterizing your Vehicle

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Believe it or not, the brutal Chicago winters are just around the corner. Even this Fall, we’ve experienced a few days with temperatures that are anything but warm. As we prepare for the cold weather to hit, it is also … Continued

The Effects of Distracted Driving- The Facts and Laws

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As much as technology can assist us as we drive, it is also a major problem as it makes us become distracted drivers. In 2010, 18% of injury crashes were reported as distraction-affected crashes. It probably comes as no surprise … Continued